With Immortal Anti-Ageing Cream You Can Turn Back Time

This incredible cosmetic breakthrough is all thanks to the powerful rejuvenation abilities of the Immortal Jellyfish!

Enriched with a combination of innovative ingredients including the multi-award winning Juvefoxo, you can now unlock the secret of youthful skin with Immortal.

Enjoy a more youthful looking you with the wonderful anti-ageing benefits of Immortal.

Immortal cream is the only beauty cream you need in your bathroom cabinet – it’s so much more than a face cream!


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Wash and Dry
Your Face and Neck

Apply Immortal
Juvefoxo™ Cream

Enjoy Healthier,
More Vibrant Skin

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Immortal Cream
offers multiple
benefits for
ageing skin

Helps extend the youthful appearance of skin
Helps reduce the visible signs of premature ageing
Helps smooth visible fine lines and wrinkles
Enriched with powerful antioxidants
Helps protect skin from external environmental factors, such as pollutants
Helps brighten the complexion, providing radiant, healthy-looking skin
All day skin moisturisation
Provides a matte finish under make-up
Oil free / Paraben free

Immortal Cream uses the innovative ingredient Juvefoxo™, and its age resistant properties, to assist in creating a more youthful looking appearance.

Jose Maria Garcia, the man who brought you the skincare revolution Argireline™, was inspired by the Immortal Jellyfish and has made his biggest cosmetic breakthrough yet! Juvefoxo™.

Unlocking the secret to the skin’s youth using the Immortal Jellyfish

The Turritopsis Dohrnii, also known as the Immortal Jellyfish, is a breed of Jellyfish that has been successful in the fight to survive, and has a unique ability to revert back to its youthful state.

The unique power of the Immortal Jellyfish to self-rejuvenate has been harnessed and used to inspire the creation of Award Winning* skincare ingredient Juvefoxo™.

The Benjamin Button Effect*

Like in the movie, the Immortal Jellyfish can reach maturity then revert back to a youthful state and start again.

* No party should draw any inference whatsoever that this product contains jellyfish or jellyfish extract nor that the product is in any way linked with the producers of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Now you can extend the youthful appearance of your skin, get your skin noticed for all the right reasons.

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Sounds like science fiction?
Think again.

Immortal Cream is a cosmetic revolution!

Star ingredient of Immortal Cream, the Two-Time Awarded* Juvefoxo™ is the result of years of research by a world leader in High Tech Cosmetic Ingredients.

This independent research team was the first to be inspired by the story of the Immortal Jellyfish.

Immortal Cream contains:

  • Juvefoxo™
  • Argireline™
  • Vitamins A & E
  • Salicylic & Lactic acids

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Immortal cream takes Australia by storm!

  • The scientific breakthrough is amazing enough, but it’s the incredible results after using Immortal Cream that is really creating a stir.
  • Women who have tried Immortal Cream have been thrilled with Immortal Cream, writing in to share their exciting results with us
  • It comes as no surprise that Juvefoxo™ has been praised by cosmetic experts, winning multiple awards including:

* 2013 In-Cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone Best Ingredient – Silver Award

* 2014 China Personal Care & Cosmetic Innovation Award – Anti-ageing Category

Get Your Free Jar of Immortal Now!


See why Immortal Cream is quickly becoming a staple in Australian women’s cosmetic bag.

“Before I found the circles under my eyes very noticeable, my skin was dry, I felt older and I looked so tired. But now I feel a lot more confident.”

Maria 46, NSW

“My skin is firmer, I have visibly less lines and the best thing of all from using IMMORTAL Cream, my skin looks younger!”

Eve 43, NSW

“I hate looking my age, so I love the fact that IMMORTAL Cream makes me look younger!”

Melissa 37, NSW

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