Belinda’s Beauty Tips

  • Is Your Phone Ageing Your Skin?

    You look at it constantly throughout the day and don’t give it a second thought but is your phone ageing your skin? Find out now.

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    Date Night Beauty Prep

    It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week or 10 years, here are some top beauty prep tips that will have you glowing before your big date night.

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    2018 Red Carpet Beauty Trends

    We all take inspiration from the red carpet whether we know it or not. Find out what’s trending on the red carpet in 2018 and how you can incorporate it into your daily look.

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    Beauty Secrets From Around The World

    With a range of different skin types, cultures and people, we can learn a lot from the various approaches to beauty and skincare around the world. Find out some of the best kept international beauty secrets.

  • Would You Try These Beauty Treatments?

    We’ve all heard crazy stories about vampire facials and cryotherapy but what popular beauty treatments could actually help you see a difference in your skin? At Immortal we’ve done our research and found some of the top anti-ageing beauty treatments that could help give your complexion that youthful glow you’ve always wanted. So, would you … Continued

  • Is Sugar Giving You Wrinkles?

    Hate to say it but that extra spoon of sugar in your coffee or sweet treat after dinner could be increasing the visible signs of ageing in your skin. Consuming too much of the sweet stuff is as damaging to your skin as it is to your waistline.