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Clever Beauty Hacks For When You’re Short On Time

A stitch in time saves nine – at least that’s how the saying goes.

But we prefer to think that a clever beauty hack in time saves you a lifetime of misery. Why go to all the effort when you can just as easily bypass nine steps and get the same stellar result?

We’ve scoured the webisphere to bring you some awesome beauty hacks to save you time.

You’re welcome!

Beauty Hack #1: Plump Up Those Lashes

Want lovely thick lashes but can’t be bothered with those special expensive mascaras?

Use a soft make up brush to dust your eyelashes with a loose translucent powder after you apply your first coat of mascara, and then apply your second coat over the top. The loose powder provides texture and grip so it will stick to the lashes between each coat and helps to add more volume and length when you apply your second coat.

Follow this simple tutorial on You Tube.

Beauty Hack #2: Blast Those Make Up Stains

We are constantly getting foundation and make up on our shirt collars. We could try being more careful but ain’t nobody got time for that!

We will just use this cool hack and pop some shaving cream on the spot to pre-treat it before putting it in the wash. The shaving cream cuts through the oily component of the foundation to remove the stain more easily.

If you want to learn more hacks for removing make up stains follow this tutorial.

Beauty Hack #3: Put It On Ice

This clever hack comes from Shiseido artistic director, Dick Page.

Wax based make up products like lipsticks, eyeliners and creams tend to go off more quickly than powders.

Keeping your wax-based products in the refrigerator and tightly sealed stabilises them.

And nice to apply on a hot summers day we bet?


Beauty Hack #4: Re-polish Your Polish

Is your nail polish a bit tired or chipped? And who can be bothered removing it and starting all over again?

Get more out of your nail polish by adding a touch of glam. Simply grab a glitter nail polish and focus on the nail bed to cover the regrowth.

Concentrate the glitter at the base of the nail by applying a few layers, and then cover up any small chips by sweeping the glitter up the nail and focusing on the chipped areas.

If you are really in trouble though, try this glitter nail tutorial. Its fast, doesn’t require precision and it’s effective.

Beauty Hack #5: Wing It

Do you love Kat Von D’s perfectly winged eyeliner, but have no idea how to re-create it?

Well, we’re here to tell you it is achievable and you can do it in under 10 minutes. All you need is your favourite liquid eyeliner and scotch tape.

Seeing is believing when it comes to this hack, so click here for a good and quick tutorial.

Beauty Hack #6: Pump Up The Volume

Okay, this beauty hack is relatively well known by now but some women still haven’t caught on to the amazing benefits of dry shampoo.

Need to refresh your hair in under 2 seconds? Dry shampoo. Need to add more volume to your style? Dry shampoo. Is your hair too clean to style? Dry shampoo.

Some brands are better than others, so it pays to test them out and find out which brand works best for you.

It will save your hair over and over again! Trust us.

Beauty Hack #7: Oil Slick

It turns out the coffee filters filter more than just coffee.

To remove excess oil from your face, and save money on those expensive blotting sheets at the same time, just re-purpose your coffee filters and blot away!

Beauty Hack #8: Getting Rid of Dry Shampoo or Texture Powder

Another great hack for getting rid of dry shampoo or too much texturising power (you know when you’ve gone overboard on that!) is to blast it with hairspray. Hairspray dissolves the power.

Only good for one application, unless you enjoy helmet hair?

Beauty Hack #9: Hollywood Teeth

This is a two for one!

Make your teeth appear whiter in under 1 minute by swiping on a blue-based lipstick rather than orange based products. Just think cool tones, not warm tones.

And if you want to avoid your lipstick fading too fast (and leaving a ring around your mouth), then simply set it with translucent loose power.

Pop your lipstick on then place a tissue over your lips. Dust them with your loose translucent powder to set the colour and you’re done!

Beauty Hack #10: Save Your Mascara

Have you ever been adding the final touches to your make up before walking out the door only to discover that your mascara has dried up?

Since an open mascara bottle only lasts about 3 months, taking this two step approach will save you for one night.

You will need some contact solution and hot water. Simply add a few drops of contact solution to your bottle, seal it, and drop it in a mug of hot water for 5 minutes to loosen it up before using.

Remember though, when you use old mascara you are running the risk of an eye infection so be smart.

Beauty Hack #11: Use Immortal Cream For Glowing Skin

There is no better beauty hack that we can give you then protecting and caring for your skin.

Immortal Cream delivers all day hydration and contains powerful antioxidants and Vitamins A & E, plus the age resistant properties of Juvefoxo to restore your skin’s elasticity and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The non-greasy anti-ageing formula makes your skin look radiant.

Immortal Cream is one beauty hack you won’t want to keep to yourself!