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The Game Changer Skincare Ingredient

anti ageing skin rejuvenating ingredient Juvefoxo
These days the shelves of beauty stores and pharmacies are crowded with  over-hyped skincare products making extravagant promises.
And with so-called independent bloggers popping up on every beauty website and hundreds of You-Tube channel offering unreliable reviews of skincare, cosmetics and everything in between, it is impossible to know whose opinion to trust.
Many of us don’t care for glitzy, futuristic packaging, models who have never had a bad hair day (let alone a wrinkle) earnestly telling us they have co-created a skincare range that will solve our life problems. And sorry, but as for the term “cult buy”, we are far too sensible to be following the crowd to that overpriced shelf.
While we don’t want to talk for all of Australians trying to age wrinkle free with confidence, at Immortal we feel that the majority of Australians want to know that their hard earned money is being spent on an anti-ageing solution that work.
We want results. A quality formula, not a name we can’t pronounce.
So it’s time to cut through the rhetoric.
The Game Changer
Immortal contains the innovative skin rejuvenating ingredient Juveleven (formerly known as Juvefoxo). And we think that makes this anti wrinkle treatment a game changer.
Immortal Cream’s secret weapon for fighting fine lines and wrinkles? The age resistant properties ofJuveleven.
While it may sound like a test tube creation, this scientific skin solution and cosmetic breakthrough in anti-ageing is in truth harnessed from the  Turritopsis dohrnii, or Immortal Jellyfish.
This miraculous species, the Immortal Jellyfish, is the only known species that can self-rejuvenate back to a youthful state once it reaches maturity.
The point? Skin scientists realised that if they could harness this incredible regenerative power to reverse its life cycle, they could create a revitalising cream that encourages the skin to return to a more youthful state and reverses the signs of ageing.
Skin scientists were successful in their actions and the result is Juveleven, the key ingredient in Immortal Cream.
Tick All Your Anti Ageing Boxes
As well as offering the game changing ingredient Juveleven, Immortal Cream’s is an advanced anti ageing skin solution that ticks all the boxes to combat fine lines and wrinkles.
1. Hydration that creates firmer, plumper more radiant skin.
2. Vitamin A (otherwise known as Retinol) to improve the appearance of ageing skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
3. Vitamin E to smooth rough skin and decrease the depth of wrinkles.
4. AHAs to easily shed dead skin cells and stimulate collagen growth and elastin.
5. Peptides to protect the skin and help cells repair.
6. An oil free formula.
So how does your anti wrinkle cream add up? Does it tick all the boxes that Immortal Cream does?
A beauty product actually worth the hype
Immortal Cream is one product that lives up to the hype.
And the proof is not just in the youthful skin results, but in the masses of Australians who are now relying on Immortal Cream for younger looking, firmer and brighter complexion.
With so many happy, more skin confident customers using Immortal Cream to brighten their complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, at Immortal we are confident that our anti-ageing solution is worth the hype.
With real life results showcasing the youthful skin transforming abilities of Immortal Cream, we don’t need a glamorous supermodel or OTT packaging. Juveleven is a skin transforming game changer. And Immortal Cream happily stakes its reputation on what’s inside the jar; a powerful youth cream that reduces the visible signs of ageing.
Immortal Cream doesn’t just tick all the boxes for must-buy wrinkle free skincare, the innovative skin rejuvenating ingredient Juveleven offers dramatic anti-ageing benefits elevating it to a must-buy. With the unique additions of the anti-ageing superpowers AHAs to softly exfoliating away dead, rough skin cells and antioxidants to protect from free radicals and stimulate collagen production, Immortal Cream provides effective skin defence against the ageing process.