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Would You Try These Crazy Beauty Gadgets?

As science and technology advance we discover new and amazing things. Some advances in technology are useful make your life easier like smart watches and some are just plain weird (we’re not sure who wants a Licki Brush, designed to lick your cat…like a cat?!) .

There have also been advances in skin care technology resulting in some crazy next generation beauty products. From the futuristic to the pure genius, we bet you can’t wait to get your hands on some of these crazy beauty gadgets.

Gadget #1  The ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment

If you discovered one of these on the shelf at your local shop you would be forgiven for thinking it looks like a universal remote control or room spray dispenser. But let us save you the hassle of figuring out what you do with this beauty gadget.

The ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment is a next gen at home pimple zapper. You can officially forget about messy pimple creams.

This device uses a powerful beam of blue LED light to target pimples and eliminate acne at the source. Blue light acne treatment, also called photodynamic therapy (PDT), has long been used by beauty salons to treat acne. It uses uses specific wavelengths to kill the acne-causing bacteria, which can cause inflammation, and shrink oil glands.

It may look a bit futuristic, but if acne is an issue for you it may be worth investigating.

Gadget #2  Rubber Face Masks

Korea is forever leading the strange and wonderful when it comes to the world of innovative beauty products.

You read correctly, rubber face masks are a thing. Well, a “rubber” like formula anyway.  You too can now emulate your favourite 1980s film and make like a Mannequin.

Apart from looking a bit strange, we’re not really sure how this beauty trend is much different from other facial masks.

Gadget #3  Eyeliner Stencils

Women rejoice! The eye liner stencils by Beth Bender Beauty are so genius we don’t why it took so long for someone to come up with such a marvelous invention.

The easy to use stencils allow you to create the perfect cat or winged eyeliner and smoky eyes every. single. time.

Begone scotch tape and you tube tutorials! The perfect cats eye is just a stencil away.

In fact, we’re just going to go and order ours now…..

Gadget #4  LED Mobile Phone Cases

Technology, convenience and beauty collide. Taking the perfect selfie just got easier.

If, like Kim Kadashian, you too have a keen interest in photographic lighting you can now buy a mobile phone case with in-built LED lights, ensuring the perfect selfie every time.

In fact, Kim is so keen her company makes a version of these LED lit mobile phone cases called the LuMee cell phone case.

Strike a pose!

Gadget #5  Lip Gel Patches

You have heard about eye gel patches and rubber face masks but have you heard about another Korean creation, Lip Gel Patches?

They are said to keep your lips in prime and kissable condition. While there are many variations, some containing collagen and vitamins, they are essentially a big lip-shaped gel patch that you stick over your lips to hydrate them.

And they have a celebrity following. Emma Stone, Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga are a few celebs that are said to be fans of the lip masks.

Gadget #6  The Face Bra

Fancy a face bra? Admittedly, the concept of face bras have been around for a while. For those of us who remember the 90s tv show Ally McBeal you may recall an episode where Elaine famously wore a bandage “mummy” like face bra.

Well, the modern day face bra seems to have gotten a face lift (pun intended).

Japanese Trend Shop online sells the Hourei Lift Bra, that promises to help fight the smile lines that grow prominent with age. Made from a soft silicone rubber, the “wire design” will place gentle pressure on your cheeks. It even comes with a set of mouth exercises which are recommended by the maker.

Hmmm, we think we’ll stick to the proven ability of Immortal Cream thanks!

A trusted beauty product in Immortal Cream

While beauty fads are fun to try every now and then, there is a reason that they come and go.

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