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Am I too young to be using anti-aging products?

It is a common question we get asked here at Immortal, “Am I too young to start using Immortal Cream?”.

Our answer: Your are never too young to start turning back time!


We all have different skin types and we all begin to exhibit signs of ageing at different times in our life.

Whatever your skin type though, most of us can expect the appearance of ageing to start in our twenties.

On average it is normal for our skin for start to loose its elasticity in our 20s, as our skin produces less collagen, the protein in our skin that keeps it strong and nice and firm. Less collagen means our skin starts to sag.

If it sounds complicated, it is!


What our skin is doing

It may seem like our 20s is a bit young for our skin to start to age, but consider the daily grind we put our skin through.

Particularly for those of us that spend a lot of time outside in the sun, or indulge in tanning, or are smokers, or deal with excessive stress, or take medication – all of these external factors can negatively impact and lead to our skin breaking down more quickly.

Plus there are lifestyle factors that we all face – pollution, lack of sleep, hormonal shifts, daily stress – all which work to speed up the ageing process.


So what does this mean? 

Let’s get technical for a minute and talk about the ageing process.

Our skin is made of three layers. The outer layer, which we can see, is called the epidermis. It produces new skin cells when our old dead skin cells flake off. The epidermis keeps our skin tone nice and even.

The middle layer of our skin, the dermis, helps keep our skin firm and smooth by producing elastin so our skin looking supple and collagen to keep our skin strong.

When our skin starts to age, we produce less elastin and collagen. There is also less blood supply to our skin.

The result? As the skin’s cell renewal process slows down, our complexion starts to lose its firmness with wrinkles and fine lines becoming visible. Sun damage like sun spots will also start to appear as old skin cells are retained, and so your skin will be less smooth. Plus with reduced elasticity comes sagging and bags under the eye area.

None of this sounds good.


So What Is The Answer?

While we can take the “age gracefully approach”, there is a better alternative.

Fight the premature signs of ageing head-on with a trusted anti-ageing product, like Immortal Cream.

Take the preventative path and slow down the skin ageing process by starting good skincare habits today. You can maintain firm and smooth skin that has less wrinkles and discolouration and prevent the damage before it happens, and help your skin maintain the vitality of youth by incorporating Immortal Cream into your daily beauty regime.